Can the EnChroma Lx Series lenses be used as sunglasses, even if I am not visually impaired?

The EnChroma Lx3 lens is a logical sunglass lens choice for anyone over 50 years or with moderate to strong glare sensitivity, especially if you are finding that your current sunglasses  seem dark enough but you have lost definition, color and contrast.  As a Category 3 lens with 12% visible light transmission, it is properly dark for bright sun but increases color and contrast, so it does not feel “too dark” for the average person.


If you typically do not prefer “dark sunglasses”, consider the Lx2 as that versatile lens for a wide variety of glare conditions indoors and out. Lx2 is a category 2 lens with 36% visible light transmission.


Lx4 is an extremely dark lens and will most often be used by people with extreme photophobia and strong glare sensitivity in bright conditions. However, people requiring sunglasses for high altitude and/or highly reflective surfaces like ice and snow during the day, may find relief using the Lx4 lens. Lx4 lenses are not for driving and road use. 

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