Why do people with Low Vision and adults 50+ with age-related eye conditions struggle with glare?

As the retina and lens in the eye age, their sensitivities to light, color and clarity also change. The retina increases in glare sensitivity while colors and contrast become duller and less blue. At the same time the lens may be developing opacities that further cloud clear vision, most common is a cataract, significant in most people in their 70's.

This increased sensitivity to bright light encourages people to purchase very dark sunglasses. However, the pupil also loses its ability to widen to adapt to lower light conditions as we age and the ability to adapt to changing light later in the day, at dusk and indoors becomes increasingly difficult. As a result, patients often purchase yellow lenses to brighten an otherwise dull world. Yellow lenses, while brightening can also be over dazzling, therefore changing color and comfort.


Glare obscures and clouds vision and creates discomfort. The challenges can be mild to extreme and can impact the quality of life for simple things like walking, reading, and everyday tasks.

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