What is EnChroma Lx Lens Technology?

EnChroma Lx is a groundbreaking lens technology that uniquely manages light and color with ophthalmic-grade optics, 100% UV protection and full Rx capability. This innovative lens filter delivers: 

      Glare Protection & Comfort: Filters out wavelengths of light that cause discomfort from glare to produce a comforting, quieting effect on the eye.

      Color: Enhances color perception for improved functional vision without the undesirable dark lens effect that masks important visual cues.

      Contrast: Enhanced contrast to highlight details like sidewalks, trees, stairs for mobility, safety and enjoyment.

      Blue Light Filtering: Eases digital eye strain and reduces glare for visual comfort.

The result? A single solution that provides glare management, contrast improvement and color boost for improved visual perception and comfort to enable you to enjoy daily life more fully and confidently. Learn more about EnChroma Lx.

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